Tech Journalism

Lifewire is one of the top 10 technology information sites the world over, and I’ve been a member of its core writing team since 2018. With a focus on informative guides, I’ve written many articles on helping people get to grips with technology new and old, demystifying the most opaque of gadgets and software.

Published by Tyne Tees Publishing, Affluent Lifestyle Magazine targets high-net-worth individuals and businesses. Delivered to the most costly of residences and first-class airport lounges all over the UK, the magazine has played host to my articles on Bitcoin’s proliferation, the future of the Internet of Things, and just why gaming is as a big an industry as it is.

Alongside the above sites I continue to write for, I’ve also penned articles for several other high-profile technological websites. Most of them continue to host my articles, though the older content is less relevant to my current writing standards.

  • KitGuru – A prominent UK tech publication where I worked as the News Editor and one of the review team.
  • IT Pro Portal – My first major freelance tech job. I was a frequent news contributor, writing hundreds of articles over a two year period.
  • PC Gamer – One of the UK and U.S.’ top gaming publications, the magazine’s gaming website hosted a number of my pieces on the latest and greatest PC hardware, and how-to guides on making the most of your PC gaming gear.
  • All Analytics / Information Week – Security and analytics focused publications where I waxed lyrically about the new advancements in both fields.
  • Transport Exchange / Telematics – Black boxes and fleet analytics were my bread and butter with these two blog sites where I was the lead content producer.

I’ve been interested in technology since my formative years and built my first computer in my early teens. A self taught touch-typer and PC enthusiast, I began my journalistic career with my own tech news site where I covered the latest PC hardware and software, reported on the biggest product launches, and wrote hundreds of in-depth reviews.

From there I progressed to writing freelance for some of the world’s most respected publications. Over the past decade I’ve penned thousands of articles on a broad array of technological topics, from the birth and growth of Bitcoin, to major hacking scandals, the development of new consoles, and the nefarious influence of social media on global voting trends.

Today I split my time between a handful of top-tier publications, working on my creative projects in my free time.