In Pursuit of the Preyful

In Pursuit of the Preyful is a rollicking adventure tale set on the frontiers of a fictional, industrial society, with touches of steampunk, lite fantasy, historical drama, and westerns.

More details are coming soon.

The manuscript is complete and edited. Watch this space.

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The Medicine

Lindsey Sterling, ex-nurse and conservationist, is travelling to the heart of South America to survey a newly discovered rainforest. Her task: to keep everyone alive and healthy whilst dealing with their team leader’s imperfections.

But her group isn’t the only one interested in the region and a local tribe could prove far too dangerous to deal with; especially when the jungle seems to have its own way of maintaining a steady human population.

I self-published The Medicine using Amazon’s Createspace platform in 2013 after working on it for four years. It received a number of extremely positive reviews from members of the public and glowing praise from a YouTube book reviewer.