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Jon Martindale is a professional writer, journalist, and editor, with over 15 years of experience. Today he writes for some of the world's largest online publications. He's written thousands of published articles, dozens of short stories, two books, and contributed to multiple games.


Passionate about writing

I started my writing career as a tech-journalist and reviewer on my own website, before gradually transitioning to a full-time freelancer. Over the years I've written for a number of major publications, including Digital Trends, The Inquirer, Forbes, Lifewire, and ItProPortal, among others, and continue to do so today.

While I still love building and writing about PCs and their accessories, my true passion lies in crafting rich and engaging stories. My first novel, The Medicine, was self-published in 2013. A second, with widely different themes and styles, is nearing completion. I also wrote the backstory for augmented reality, robot toy-line, Mekamon, and have provided flavour text and backstory for several games.


" Whether I'm writing to delight or inform, I love telling a captivating story."


Beyond the tech news

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