Current Projects

If you’d like to see whereabouts I’m working on a daily basis at the moment, the About page has all that information. However, here I thought I’d include some details on other projects I have in the works.

FTL: Infinite Space

If you’re a fan of Faster than Light but feel like it ends too soon, then Infinite Space might be up your street. It’s endless gameplay, allowing you to max out your ship and explore space at your own pace. I’ve written some extra events for this mod as well as contributed elements for the over-arching story. It’s still in development but one of the best mods currently available for the game. The end goal is a total game conversion.


Guardsman Ork

It’s been a long time since I updated this, but I plan to continue with it eventually. It was a submission I made to Games Workshop/Black Library during their last submission period. I received no response so put it online so hopefully someone enjoys it.