Faster than light: Infinite Space

One of my favourite games of the last year or so, has been Faster Than Light. It’s a Kickstarter success, indie-developer, space faring game, that has you controlling a crew as they navigate their ship through hostile sectors, blasting lasers and saving the galaxy from the evil Rebel Fleet. Despite spending just £6 on it, I’ve clocked in well over 50 hours. It’s a great game, with a very expansive main campaign experience.

As with everything PC however, there’s mods for it, which is where this blog entry comes in. Faster Than Light: Infinite Space, is a mod that changes things up a bit, killing off the need to rush through each phase of the game or risk being overrun and instead, replacing it with a lot more events and a lot more combat.



I always name a character after someone I don’t like and sell them off to slavers, first chance I get

The main “problem” with FTL’s base game, is that the events can get a bit old and some of them are very basic. The solution? Write some new ones – which I took part in. Infinite Space features around 15 events written by me, giving players some deeper psychological, tactical and puzzle based encounters to test themselves against. There’s even three “end-game” events which will require a seriously impressive ship with an equally dispensable crew in order to make it through them.

Complete all of them? And, well, nothing happens as of yet, but the plan is to write up one final event that ties it all together and gives Infinite Space an official ending, that will hopefully satisfy those that have had enough of dominating every ship they come across.

It’s been a while since I worked on this mod, but it’s freely available over on the official forums and is one of the few mods still being developer for the game. If you want to check it out, have a look at the link below:

Buy Faster Than Light here.

Check out FTL: Infinite Space here.