So I was on the radio

A few weeks back I got to speak on local a radio about my book, The Medicine, and it was a fun little trip. Not the most lucrative, as despite being only a ten minute drive I think I spent more on fuel than I received from book sales, but it was a good experience nonetheless. If I get invited on to another program in the future, I’ll go in a little more well prepared and will remember to plug this place. It being my own site, you’d think I might remember it existed.

There was a recording of the whole thing online on the iPlayer, but it’s been taken down now. You can still see the page though with my name on it – in case you thought I was lying. I got to speak to freelance broadcaster Jill Misson, who I should have talked some freelance with as that might have been quite interesting, since that’s where we both make the majority of our money, but we stayed pretty rooted in the book. If it was more of a talk show perhaps we could have got into it more, but I was just a short break between songs so not too surprising really. Still, very good of her to have me on.

In other news, writing is going pretty well at the moment. Got a fair amount on and certainly keeping busy. On a sad note, I’m finally beginning the hand over of my long term partner in crime, It’s the site I started back in 2006 with a school friend and with little time left to work on it – and even less desire – I’m handing it over to one of the writers who’s worked with me on it for a few years. Hopefully they can treat it better than I have over the past few years.

That’s about it for now, but as usual, say hi on Twitter or if you see someone with by the name of Whoopty kicking about in an online game, feel free to kill me and laugh. It’s not usually that difficult.